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Weddings on the Beach

Sand Key Park Fees & Permit Process

No Equipment/Sand Only

$50 per day, (1-50 attendance)
$100 per day, plus tax (51 and over attendance)

WEDDINGS (SUPPORTED BY COMMERCIAL VENDOR) Equipment. Ie: Chairs, Archways, Officiants, Flowers, Musicians. etc…

$150 per day, plus tax + Wedding Surcharge:
2-50 guests- $50.00
51-100 guests- $100.00
101- 150 guests- $150.00
151-200 guests- $200.00
Guest counts exceeding 201- $300.00


*** Please contact our Event Coordinator for pricing.

Individuals and organizations that wish to conduct a special event or special use at a Pinellas County Park must submit a Special Event/Use Permit Application. Applications must be submitted a minimum of fifteen working days in advance of the event with an anticipated attendance of 1,000 or less. Events with anticipated attendance of more than 1,000 must be submitted a minimum of thirty working days in advance. Event/Use applications will be reviewed and if approved, the event organizer will be notified of any requirements and applicable fees necessary for the event to take place. If event organizer requires use of a shelter, shelter reservation, fees will apply.

Fill out the Application & Permit here

Please keep in mind that our wedding packages are a guideline. We will customize menus to the best of our ability to meet your needs.